Courts, Veteran Courts, And Civil Liberties

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Domestic Violence Against Men in Colorado

Have charges of domestic violence or abuse been made against you, or someone you know or love? Whether you are a man or woman will provide information essential to the survival of you and your children.

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Of seeming necessity most Americans have a deep-seated faith in justice and the rule of law as a basis for the liberties they feel we enjoy. Thus, there is no greater shock than to find that, even with both law and facts in your favor, your constitutional rights are worthless because you can't get the courts or government to enforce them.

Throughout history such actions by a State have been the cause of violence, not the cure.

Whether one is faced with the lack of due process in allegations of domestic violence or child abuse, or the loss of the stare decisis principle, a citizen before today's courts will find virtually no regard for their rights. Perjury and subornation of perjury will dominate the proceedings, and the black-robed monsters who often claim to be judges will be above the law, and will frequently invent it.

Emotions and feelings will dominate the proceedings and bias, be it gender, race, or color, will take precedence over statutes, logic, and reason. We present several articles by various authors illustrating these points, and one on how to make attorneys and judges responsible to the citizens.

Last updated 3/2/15



Chapter 1 —Our Dysfunctional Courts

Chapter 2 —Perjury And False Allegations

Chapter 3 —What Happened To Civil Rights?

Chapter 4 —Veteran Courts